Game Farm

Rearing pheasants, partridge and duck we are proud to supply some of the most prestigious shoots from the Scottish Borders to the northern islands.

Above everything else our aim is to provide your shoot with strong, fit and quality birds. In order to produce such quality poults you need to have excellent breeding stock.

Our laying stock are fully inoculated and put in their pens in early February giving them plenty of time before egg production.

All our chicks and poults are reared in purpose built insulated sheds and have the latest temperature controlled heaters and nipple drinker systems.

Crucially each batch of birds is reared on fresh clean ground by rotating the rearing system around our game farm thus ensuring lower risk of disease.

Our poults are delivered to you at 7 weeks old. Once a delivery date is agreed we catch, crate and transport to arrive with you at first light. This allows the birds a full day to settle into their new environment.

All our birds are transported in covered and ventilated vehicles.

To arrange a visit to our game farm or enquire about prices and delivery dates please contact us here.